Monday, August 6, 2018

Snapshot of "Fisher-Price International Airport"

Set up 3 FP airports (one 1970's play family and 2 Little People 1980's) and you have your own three terminal international airport!  The driveways even match up! Your flight to adventure is waiting at any gate!

Each Airplane here has some variation, and the 2 1980's play sets have variations as well....part of the fun of Fisher-Price Collecting!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Fisher-Price Toy Box Playgrounds

We found three Fisher-Price Mall Playgrounds in the Carolinas.  Here are pictures of the boys (Presley & Ryker) exploring the giant Toys.  They are modeled on the newest versions of these classic favorites...a Little People Farm, a Rock A Stack, a Xylophone, and a Chatter Phone. These playgrounds were found in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Asheville, North Carolina and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as they enjoyed playing on the Toys!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy 45th Anniversary Walt Disney World

1980's Playmates Toys Disney Magic Kingdom Castle Playset with Fisher-Price Magic of Disney Toys from 2015
On this day in 1971 the Magic Kingdom
at Walt Disney World Resort opened. Happy 45th Anniversary
Walt Disney World!

Look at me in the rear view mirror while we enter the Toll Plaza at Magic Kingdom

Me and My parents were born in California so we did not go
to Walt Disney World till I was 10. When I was little I used
to go to Disneyland all the time. My first trip was during
the Disneyland 50th Anniversary celebration in 2005, I was 4
months old! 
With my Grandma on my first trip to Disneyland in 2005
Disney World is very different from Disneyland,
it is much bigger. We have stayed at the Pop Century Resort.
The theme of the resort is the 20th Century and it has
amazing giant props and toys all over it.
With some friemds at Disney's Pop Century Resort in Florida
Today we are
talking about the Magic Kingdom!  To get to Magic
Kingdom you must first travel past other Disney Hotels and
theme parks. You have to take a ferry or a monorail across a
beautiful lake to get to the park. The ferry ride is one way
to take in that Disney Magic. We had so much fun and always
want to keep going back.
Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Florida
On our 1st trip we ate at the
Tortuga Tavern in Adventureland. The food was good, I had
the tacos because they are my favorite food. I gotta say my
favorite ride at Magic Kingdom is probably Space Mountain.
Outside Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Florida
One of my favorite memories of going to the Magic Kingdom
was getting my embroidered Mickey Ears! On that trip it was
my little brother's first haircut, I joined him in getting a
haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street USA.
Harmony Barber Shop, Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Florida
We found this 1980's Playmates Toys Magic Kingdom Castle
Playset a long time ago.
Box art for the Playmates Toys Castle Play Set
It is one of my little brother
Ryker's favorite toys. In these pictures we set it up with
New Fisher-Price Little People Magic of Disney Toys. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Retro Fisher-Price Ferris Wheel

We found this at Target. It is based on the original Music Box Ferris Wheel.  Only this version includes "Chunky" style figures!  There is no grumpy carney on this toy...but one of the riders looks like one.  Check out your local Target for one today!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fisher-Price Musical Ferris Wheel

 At the 2014 Fisher-Price Collectors Club Convention I found this Musical Ferris Wheel. The characters were mint in their wrapping from the factory, and it came with the original box! I had been wanting this one for a while, but I had not found one in good condition.  On our way to the convention we saw a rough one in a thrift store and they wanted a lot of money for it. I'm glad we waited because we found this nice one, in better shape and in it's box for a good price.
The #969 Musical Ferris Wheel was made from 1966-1972.  The one we got has straight sided figures, and the girl does not have plastic hair.  The doggie is an early figure and not the usual Lucky dog.  The newer versions have plastic figures but mine has wood figures. It is one of the oldest toys in my collection, I also have a Circus and a Huffy Puffy Train that maybe are older.
It has a price tag on it from Sears back when it was new it sold for $4.49!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Rockin the Adventure People Daredevil Van

With my Daredevil Van, North Woods Trailblazer, and Kitchen Set stove in Daddy's Den
I found this Fisher-Price Adventure People Daredevil Van #318 today at a second-hand store in North Carolina.  It is from 1978 and they were made until 1982.  This customized van cleaned up nice except for the worn away lithos :-( but at only $1.00 it was worth it! In the background you can see the kitchen set stove and my Adventure People orange North Woods Trailblazer Jeep! I have filled it up with items from the Little People, the Adventure People, and Imaginext collections. There were three different Van playsets in the Adventure People series, Daddy says he remembers when custom vans were all over the roads. This is the first of the Vans I have found.  I am still on the lookout for the TV Action Team set and the Motocross team van.
My new Daredevil Van and Adventure People rover robot

Thanks for viewing my blog!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fisher Price Collectors Club Convention 2014!

With Buzzy Bee "Toy Fest Parade Float"

 Here I am in front of Fisher Price headquarters in East Aurora, NY.  They had old parade floats on display and I got to take pictures with them while I was there for this years toy convention.
Dr Duck "Toy Fest Parade Float"-in front of Fisher Price Headquarters
 This year at the toy show they had 10 vendors. I bought pieces to complete my A-Frame set, Herry Monster to complete my Sesame Street figures, an adventure people robot, a guide book to Fisher Price toys, a Children's Hospital, and a Ferris Wheel in the box with the little people still shrink wrapped from the factory!
With Daddy and Snoopy Sniffer "Toy Fest Parade Float"
It's always nice to see all the club members, this was the fourth year in a row I have been to East Aurora. Fisher Price Collectors Club Convention 2014 was great!  It was a good year!