Sunday, November 25, 2012

Woo hoo..winter vacation....

Many of my toys will be spending winter vacation under glass. Some of my collection is on display from now through the month of December at our local public library display cases. We took so much stuff we ended up bringing a few things home that didn't fit. People of all ages told us how much they liked the toys and that "I had one of those..." to so many items from my collection. There were 2 glass cases with 4 shelves each, eight shelves of fun all together. Some of the things we put in there were the Junior Circus, Sesame Street, the School, the Main Street, the Camper, the Action Garage, the Chatter Telephone, the Zoo, the Western Town, the blue and yellow House, the brown House, the Fire Station, 2 Airports and Fun Jets, a Farm, a School Bus, the Merry Go Round, some clocks, radios, TV, Record Player, Pocket Cameras, a Giant Rock A Stack, the Swimming Pool, and a Santa's Workshop new style Little People set.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A-mazing A-frame!

Here is my favorite Little People house, the Amazing A-Frame! The Fisher-Price Play Family A-Frame # 990 is one of the coolest toys that Fisher-Price made. Dad bought it for me on ebay and I was so happy. It was waiting on our front doorstep and Daddy tried to pretend it was car parts. This was the 3rd A-Frame he tried to win on the same day, and finally got this one. he had kept it secret until it arrived! The lithos were in perfect condition and that is why we call it the Amazing A-Frame. I like to take this one on trips, and I took it to this year's Fisher-Price Collector's Club Convention, and will take it next year. I pack up my favorite figures and can play with it when we are traveling. My favorite part that goes to this set is the red jeep. We had found some parts before we got the A-Frame. We still need to get more pieces for this set, but we have plenty of pieces to furnish it. I love the blue color. It has a kitchen and a living room with decks, a bedroom with balconies. There is a door panel that becomes a nice garden area. We have a bbq grille for it, and use a table and chairs, a picnic bench from the zoo, a swimming pool and two beds. I put a miniature Fisher-Price Chatter Phone that came from a Toy Story 3 mini-figure set. It is from one of my favorite movies that has lots of Fisher-Price toys in it. I love the bell, it is so cool, like a cow bell.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Adventures with Adventure People

We found a Fisher-Price Adventure People Alpha Probe at a Goodwill. The Alpha Probe was one of Daddy's favorites when he was little. Daddy remembers waking up to find his Alpha Probe underneath the christmas tree. My Nannie sent me my first Adventure People toy, the Rescue Truck that Daddy played with. She also sent me an Imaginext Space Shuttle for Christmas because she remembered how much Daddy loved his. We told her about finding the Alpha Probe and she sent us pictures of Daddy with his Alpha Probe and in the pool with his Sea Explorer. She also sent the Sea Explorer! She lives in California so my Rescue Truck and Sea Explorer came across the whole country to join my collection. At an indoor flea market I found my orange North Woods Trailblazer Jeep, and the yellow North Woods Trailblazer Jeep at a thrift store. The raft and the people were thrift store and flea market finds. So here I am with my Adventure People and my Imaginext Shuttle- and here is Daddy with his Alpha Probe and Sea Explorer.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A good days work....

We had a good day today(August 10, 2012) and found lots of Fisher-Price toys while Thrift shopping. I especially liked my Little Snoopy #693 in excellent condition! I also found a Fisher Price Trucks #302 Dump truck & an Adventure People North Woods Trailblazer Jeep #312 withits rubber band intact, a Fisher Price Medical Kit #936 with ALL THE PARTS for 99 cents! We also found a Magic Vac #2007 and a newer Fisher-Price Music Box Teaching Clock from 2009. You'll see an Imaginext Joker's Lair, and a few chunky style people and the newer style people. We even found a vintage Mr. Potato Head that is fom the 1970's. When we saw the medical kit in the store a litle girl was playing with it. We asked her if she was going to buy it and she said no but would'nt put it down. She said she was a real doctor, and that we were her patients and gave us her phone number if we needed her. She then walked away. We were hoping she would change her mind and put the kit back on the shelf, and when we checked the toy aisle a little bit later she had put it down. So we picked it up and paid for it right away! At the very next thrift store we went to they had one for sale missing a few pieces it even had a mini flashlight that was'nt even part of the toy and they still wanted $14.91 for it! So that was a great find! We have so much fun hunting for Fisher-Price toys, looking for them is almost as much fun as playing with them when we get home.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend at Lake Little People...

We went to East Aurora, New York on July 27 and July 28 for the 2012 Fisher Price Collector's Club Convention. Here are some of the finds I got at this year's convention. I got a Pop-Up camper set, and a swimming pool set. At last year's convention I got the marina. My Daddy found the A-Frame on ebay, and the Happy Houseboat at a thrift store. I really wanted a Pop-up camper. It has a Jeep with a boat on the roof, a storage case for the furniture that goes on top of the camper. The camper has a kitchen and a table set- and two bed shelves. It is so much fun! We made the scenery from craft supplies, blue poster board for our lake, and green and brown construction paper for our trees. Our sky is a blue blanket and the meadow is a green blanket. On the first day of the convention we went to the Fisher-Price Headquarters and the company Toy Store, after that we went to the dinner. The next day there was a Toy Sale where I bought lots of sets, people, and pieces. I can't wait for next years show. Please join the Fisher Price Collector's Club. UPDATE: Today we found a Play Family Camper & a Castle Dragon! So we added a picture of our new finds enjoying a weekend at the lake.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Once upon a time...

...there was a Fisher-Price kingdom with happiness, sunshine, and joy! One day there was a knight from the future, and peering through the castle was a big, giant, little boy named Presley. The woodsman came back from the village market in the carriage to encounter the giant trying to take over the kingdom. The princess was trapped in the tower, while her friend Prarie Dawn was prisoner of Rex the dinosaur who was housesitting the dragon's lair. Will the knight defeat the giant and rescue the fair maiden in waiting? The retro King and Queen have permanent smiles because they hope for a happily ever after. Here is my Fisher-Price Play Family Castle, it was a gift from the Fisher-Price Collector's Club at last year's convention. I was so happy, I love my castle. At this year's convention I got the King, Queen, and Prince.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Here are my four Fisher-Price farms. The first play family playset was the farm. My first farm was the one with the red loft doors where the hen lives- this farm has a Fisher-Price sticker on the roof and a green plastic base. I got this farm at a flea market in West Virginia. It had most of it's parts. We live in Virginia now- just next door. My second farm is the plder style with the masonite wood base. This farm was found at a thrift store in Maryland outside Washington DC without any parts. The third farm was a chunky little people farm with a larger green plastic base. It was missing parts & the doors when we found it at a Virginia thrift store outside Washington DC. On another trip to the same store we found one door. We think the door got lost or maybe it was put out later. Hopefully we will find the second door on our next trip there. On two other trips we found silos with parts in them for the second & third farms. I've been able to find parts and sets all across the United States of America. My newest farm has all of the pieces, even the silo and the original box! This is unusual to find close by where you live. This farm is the original style but with a green plastic base. We found it online, and it was nearby. A nice man was selling his grown-up kid's four Fisher-Price Play Family playsets- all in the original boxes withthe original pieces! They were in really good condition- A house, Farm, Fire Station & Western Town from around 1982. I will share those in another post.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Row, row, row your boat...

Here are a lot of little people friends of all shapes and sizes having a happy new years swimming party in a green sea. Maybe it is a swamp or the bayou. There is a retro Houseboat with 50th Anniversary (really big)little people and a vintage little people floating marina. I got my marina at the Fisher Price Collectors Club Convention. It had 2 extra blue boats. It needs the lighthouse and a red boat to be complete, this weekend we found the commodore but these pictures dont show him. The retro Houseboat was from Toys R Us. We printed a vintage ad from a great Fisher Price fan website Fisher Price Little People World, check it out sometime!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Here I am in my playroom with all my Fisher-Price toys. You can see my Imaginext toys in the background, and my Little people stuff everywhere else! I hope to share more this year, thanks for visiting!