Saturday, December 31, 2011

Up, Up, & Away!

I got these new superhero little people today at Target. They'll go great with the Imaginext Batcave I got for Christmas. I love Fisher-Price imaginext toys. Dad says they are a cool mix of the old play family and adventure people sets.

It's a zoo around here

This is 2 Fisher-Price zoos. One is a Little People gift set from Kohl's I got for Christmas. The other is a vintage F-P Zoo I found at a Thrift Store. It was missing all of the pieces except for one orange gorilla. The zoo was 95 cents, and the gorilla was in a bag of old happy meal toys for 1.95. They must have thought it was an old happy meal toy. We are hoping to get parts for it at next years F-P Collector Club Convention.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas

Santa is getting ready to send toys to all the good little boys and girls. One of my gifts was this new Fisher-Price Little People Santa Gift Set from Kohl's. Around the Christmas Tree are some of my F-P ornaments- 3 of them are this years ornaments, the house, the clock and the fire truck. Here I was on Christmas morning with all my Fisher-Price presents. Hope you had a merry christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Here is my christmas tree with my Fisher-Price ornaments. Look closely and you will find miniatures of the School, the School bus, and at the very top the Fun jet, my tree's shining star. The School #923 has a teacher and a boy and a girl. I like the sticker designs and the ruler on the side. It even has a cute tiny bell that rings. I really like the school bus #192, it looks just like the real one with a dog and kids and a driver inside! The Fun Jet #183 is so fun, the real one holds 4 people but the little one has only two. My Little People were there to sing Christmas Carols while they watched the tree lighting. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Sesame Street

This is a Fisher Price Sesame Street Clubhouse #937. The stickers are a little wrinkled but they are all there except for Big Bird's nest. I cleaned out the bad sticker with a wipe and a screwdriver. This toy was really dirty, with a lot of dirt and melted candy. We took it apart and cleaned it pretty good. The great part is the tire swing was not broken. I learned at the convention that the swing is usually broken so this was a good find. I almost have all the Sesame Street Little People. I need Susan and Oscar the grouch, and Herry Monster to complete my set. I found Prarie Dawn hidden away in the wonderful Castle I was given at the F-P Collector Club Convention. We are not sure If she was a gift or a stowaway but she now has a good new home. This is a great addition to the Sesame Street Playset.

Vroom, Vroom, Woo-Woo !

Here are my 2 mini-busses and a Fisher-Price Rescue Truck. One of the mini-buses(F-P 141) was a 69 cent thrift store find. The Rescue Truck was my Dad's and his brother's when they were little. My Nannie sent it tom me from California all the way across the country. The Rescue Truck was from the Adventure Peopl line of F-P toys. I have some new F-P Imaginext and Rescue Heroes toys which are sort of like this. I found the stretcher which is good for people to lay on if they are hurt at the F-P convention.

Cooking time with Fisher-Price food

Here is my Fisher-Price Kitchen Set #919. It might be really really really rare because it has the original box. This is my only F-P box so far. I also have some F-P Mc Donald's toys and some other Mc Donald's toys in these pictures. Also in these pictures is a F-P camping cook set- the blue plate set with red handle. I have 2 stoves but only one is in these pictures. The table cloth is neat because it could be used as a F-P pillowcase or just to store the stuff.

Let the good times roll!

I found this Fisher-Price Mc Donald's Happy Meal toy(More on that later) and this F-P Roly Poly Chime Ball # 165 at a DC area thrift store. The Roly Poly Ball was only 69 cents! The sticker says 1966. It is so cool- I love the colors of the ground sticker and I love the drawings of the mountains and trees.