Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tornado hits Presley's play room!

Here is most of my collection of toys, a lot of them are Little People. I also like Toy Story. I bought some Little Tikes Little People type toys because I liked them in Toy Story. I highly recommend all 3 Toy Story movies. You can see the little people school bus and the garage in Toy Story 3, along with the phone. Some of the toys you can see here are the play family school, farm, and airport, the house, a newer little people garage, and other goodies. Do you see any of your favorites?

Little People Fire Engine protecting the Capitol

I found this Fire Truck at a thrift store in Falls Church, Virginia. They have also had the school bus too but I had one already so Dad said no. Here it is keeping the Capitol safe! Sometimes I find stuff and sometimes I don't, it is like a treasure hunt. It was broken when I bought it but we fixed it and let it dry overnight and it was good as new in the morning. Sometimes we have to fix the toys but that is fun too.

Welcome to my collection!

Hi, I am Presley, I am 5 years old and I live in Washington, DC and I love Fisher Price Little People! My Dad loves little people too and helps me collect my toys and run my website. I want to collect all the little people in the whole wide world. My favorites right now are the school bus, the main street, and sesame street. I started collecting from antique stores, but find great scores at thrift stores, flea markets and I even buy new stuff at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. I also collect Little Tikes toys that are sort of like little people. I hope my collection will thrill and amaze you!