Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Honey, I'm Home!

The Fisher-Price Play Family House is really fun. I found the house at a thrift store. It didn't have any parts, but by going to other thrift stores, and flea markets, and the convention we have been able to fill it up! I like the house to have lots of pieces, more than what it came with. So I added a bathroom and a queen size bed. I added the stairs from the blue and yellow house- which is a Hallmark ornament for this christmas. This brown house is just like the one Daddy wanted when he was little. I set it up with babies and a family with a Mom & Dad, and kids. Those are my favorite figures.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fisher-Price Headquarters

When we went to East Aurora for the convention we went to the Fisher-Price Headquarters, which was fun and very intriguing, although we couldnt go in except for the toy store. At the store they had all new toys but they did have some left over "chunky" little people. I bought a souvenir cup and a key chain. I liked the street corner of Fisher-Price Street and Little People Lane, and the sign of the pull toy doggie. There was a beautiful fountain with a statue of a little boy. I put my new F-P toy boats in the fountain. The big F-P was really cool and looked like it was made out of rubies and jewels. After we saw the factory we went to the dinner where they gave me my castle! You can see that in another post. I might like to work there some day although it would have been more fun to work there in the old days when they made the original toys.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Fisher Price Convention Talk

There was a talk on a classic shoe music box by a nice member named Ted. I got to put the parts together. It was fun when I did because I figured out how the toys were hand made.
I thought the whole day was great, seeing the toys having a good dinner and the people were so nice. When I got home I set up my toys around my new Castle and all the goodies I brought back from the show!

More on the 2011 Fisher Price Collectors Club Convention

The dinner was great- it was meat, potatoes, carrots & green beans and cake that was so delicious. The club gave me a pin &members gave me a Castle and a Lift & load set!

2011 Fisher-Price Collectors Club Convention

Hello again, I have a bunch of new things to share! This year I joined the Fisher-Price Collectors Club. On Saturday July 30 we went to the toy convention in East Aurora, NY. East Aurora is the home of Little People & the Fisher-Price Toy Company, and the home of the collectors club toy show & convention.
At the convention we looked around first and then bought toys. The club members were very very nice to me, and they gave me great fun toys , cute pull toys & little people playsets. Thank you to the collectors!
We found a lot of pieces to the Sesame Street set that we will share in another post and we found a marina with boats and other accesories. It is fun collecting all the parts and putting them together and the collectors club is a great place to find pieces and buildings. They even had a hospital.

Some exciting stuff is on the way!

We just got back from a Fisher-Price Collector convention, where we met lots of wonderful fellow collectors and will have some new posts showing off all the cool new toys and even a trip to Fisher-Price HQ! Please stay tuned!