Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Fisher-Price Collectors Club Convention

Hello again, I have a bunch of new things to share! This year I joined the Fisher-Price Collectors Club. On Saturday July 30 we went to the toy convention in East Aurora, NY. East Aurora is the home of Little People & the Fisher-Price Toy Company, and the home of the collectors club toy show & convention.
At the convention we looked around first and then bought toys. The club members were very very nice to me, and they gave me great fun toys , cute pull toys & little people playsets. Thank you to the collectors!
We found a lot of pieces to the Sesame Street set that we will share in another post and we found a marina with boats and other accesories. It is fun collecting all the parts and putting them together and the collectors club is a great place to find pieces and buildings. They even had a hospital.

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