Friday, August 17, 2012

Adventures with Adventure People

We found a Fisher-Price Adventure People Alpha Probe at a Goodwill. The Alpha Probe was one of Daddy's favorites when he was little. Daddy remembers waking up to find his Alpha Probe underneath the christmas tree. My Nannie sent me my first Adventure People toy, the Rescue Truck that Daddy played with. She also sent me an Imaginext Space Shuttle for Christmas because she remembered how much Daddy loved his. We told her about finding the Alpha Probe and she sent us pictures of Daddy with his Alpha Probe and in the pool with his Sea Explorer. She also sent the Sea Explorer! She lives in California so my Rescue Truck and Sea Explorer came across the whole country to join my collection. At an indoor flea market I found my orange North Woods Trailblazer Jeep, and the yellow North Woods Trailblazer Jeep at a thrift store. The raft and the people were thrift store and flea market finds. So here I am with my Adventure People and my Imaginext Shuttle- and here is Daddy with his Alpha Probe and Sea Explorer.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A good days work....

We had a good day today(August 10, 2012) and found lots of Fisher-Price toys while Thrift shopping. I especially liked my Little Snoopy #693 in excellent condition! I also found a Fisher Price Trucks #302 Dump truck & an Adventure People North Woods Trailblazer Jeep #312 withits rubber band intact, a Fisher Price Medical Kit #936 with ALL THE PARTS for 99 cents! We also found a Magic Vac #2007 and a newer Fisher-Price Music Box Teaching Clock from 2009. You'll see an Imaginext Joker's Lair, and a few chunky style people and the newer style people. We even found a vintage Mr. Potato Head that is fom the 1970's. When we saw the medical kit in the store a litle girl was playing with it. We asked her if she was going to buy it and she said no but would'nt put it down. She said she was a real doctor, and that we were her patients and gave us her phone number if we needed her. She then walked away. We were hoping she would change her mind and put the kit back on the shelf, and when we checked the toy aisle a little bit later she had put it down. So we picked it up and paid for it right away! At the very next thrift store we went to they had one for sale missing a few pieces it even had a mini flashlight that was'nt even part of the toy and they still wanted $14.91 for it! So that was a great find! We have so much fun hunting for Fisher-Price toys, looking for them is almost as much fun as playing with them when we get home.