Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stuff for my pad

I found three great toys while on a trip in Pennsylvania. We have a favorite antique mall that always has neat old toys. I found these Fisher Price toys there, Mommy had the TV when we she was little and Daddy had the record player. The camera was only 1 dollar at the Salvation Army. Target sells new versions of the the TV and the record player at 30 dollars each! We paid less than that for all of these combined.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Now arriving...FUN!!!

Here is the original Fisher Price Play Family Airport! We found this in an antique mall in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It came with one airplane, while at another antique store we found a 2nd plane. I like the flags and the stickers, it has cool suitcases and a fuel truck. It came with people, I had others too. When you pull the airplane the pilot moves his head , I really like little people.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This is a toy I found in a thrift store, when I showed it to Daddy he said he had one just like it! This must be what all the stores on Fisher Price Main Street have for a cash register. I thought it was really neat looking, and the stickers still looked good. It only had one coin but we will find more some day. Daddy said he lost his coins too.

Update 12/31/2011: Today we found this newer version of the Fisher-Price Cash Register. We now have 2 cash registers and 2 coins. Those coins are hard to find, I want to get some coins at next year's F-P Collectors Club Convention, but before then I want to look up what coins went with the cash registers. The ones we have dont match the colors of the keys.

Push and pull toy

I found this push toy in a thrift store in Clinton, Maryland near Andrews Air Force Base. We paid less than 2 dollars for it, and then we found one in rougher shape for 40 dollars at a flea market in Chantilly, Virginia. I wanted to break this open to get to the little people but Daddy thought it was better to leave it alone, I guess he was right.

The one that started it all

I found this Main Street at an antique store in downtown Pomona, California. I liked it right away and was happy when Daddy told me he played with these when he was a little kid. It was the first set in my collection, I then started to find them in thrift stores too. I like the fun of hunting for little people when I go to stores, I keep looking for them whereverI go. The main street has a bank, a corner market, a post office, and ice cream shop, and a wall with a pet shop and a barber shop. This set had most of the pieces, and even has littl letters for the mail man to deliver to the stores!