Saturday, September 29, 2012

A-mazing A-frame!

Here is my favorite Little People house, the Amazing A-Frame! The Fisher-Price Play Family A-Frame # 990 is one of the coolest toys that Fisher-Price made. Dad bought it for me on ebay and I was so happy. It was waiting on our front doorstep and Daddy tried to pretend it was car parts. This was the 3rd A-Frame he tried to win on the same day, and finally got this one. he had kept it secret until it arrived! The lithos were in perfect condition and that is why we call it the Amazing A-Frame. I like to take this one on trips, and I took it to this year's Fisher-Price Collector's Club Convention, and will take it next year. I pack up my favorite figures and can play with it when we are traveling. My favorite part that goes to this set is the red jeep. We had found some parts before we got the A-Frame. We still need to get more pieces for this set, but we have plenty of pieces to furnish it. I love the blue color. It has a kitchen and a living room with decks, a bedroom with balconies. There is a door panel that becomes a nice garden area. We have a bbq grille for it, and use a table and chairs, a picnic bench from the zoo, a swimming pool and two beds. I put a miniature Fisher-Price Chatter Phone that came from a Toy Story 3 mini-figure set. It is from one of my favorite movies that has lots of Fisher-Price toys in it. I love the bell, it is so cool, like a cow bell.