Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Sesame Street

This is a Fisher Price Sesame Street Clubhouse #937. The stickers are a little wrinkled but they are all there except for Big Bird's nest. I cleaned out the bad sticker with a wipe and a screwdriver. This toy was really dirty, with a lot of dirt and melted candy. We took it apart and cleaned it pretty good. The great part is the tire swing was not broken. I learned at the convention that the swing is usually broken so this was a good find. I almost have all the Sesame Street Little People. I need Susan and Oscar the grouch, and Herry Monster to complete my set. I found Prarie Dawn hidden away in the wonderful Castle I was given at the F-P Collector Club Convention. We are not sure If she was a gift or a stowaway but she now has a good new home. This is a great addition to the Sesame Street Playset.

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