Sunday, March 4, 2012


Here are my four Fisher-Price farms. The first play family playset was the farm. My first farm was the one with the red loft doors where the hen lives- this farm has a Fisher-Price sticker on the roof and a green plastic base. I got this farm at a flea market in West Virginia. It had most of it's parts. We live in Virginia now- just next door. My second farm is the plder style with the masonite wood base. This farm was found at a thrift store in Maryland outside Washington DC without any parts. The third farm was a chunky little people farm with a larger green plastic base. It was missing parts & the doors when we found it at a Virginia thrift store outside Washington DC. On another trip to the same store we found one door. We think the door got lost or maybe it was put out later. Hopefully we will find the second door on our next trip there. On two other trips we found silos with parts in them for the second & third farms. I've been able to find parts and sets all across the United States of America. My newest farm has all of the pieces, even the silo and the original box! This is unusual to find close by where you live. This farm is the original style but with a green plastic base. We found it online, and it was nearby. A nice man was selling his grown-up kid's four Fisher-Price Play Family playsets- all in the original boxes withthe original pieces! They were in really good condition- A house, Farm, Fire Station & Western Town from around 1982. I will share those in another post.

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