Sunday, November 25, 2012

Woo hoo..winter vacation....

Many of my toys will be spending winter vacation under glass. Some of my collection is on display from now through the month of December at our local public library display cases. We took so much stuff we ended up bringing a few things home that didn't fit. People of all ages told us how much they liked the toys and that "I had one of those..." to so many items from my collection. There were 2 glass cases with 4 shelves each, eight shelves of fun all together. Some of the things we put in there were the Junior Circus, Sesame Street, the School, the Main Street, the Camper, the Action Garage, the Chatter Telephone, the Zoo, the Western Town, the blue and yellow House, the brown House, the Fire Station, 2 Airports and Fun Jets, a Farm, a School Bus, the Merry Go Round, some clocks, radios, TV, Record Player, Pocket Cameras, a Giant Rock A Stack, the Swimming Pool, and a Santa's Workshop new style Little People set.

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