Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fisher-Price Musical Ferris Wheel

 At the 2014 Fisher-Price Collectors Club Convention I found this Musical Ferris Wheel. The characters were mint in their wrapping from the factory, and it came with the original box! I had been wanting this one for a while, but I had not found one in good condition.  On our way to the convention we saw a rough one in a thrift store and they wanted a lot of money for it. I'm glad we waited because we found this nice one, in better shape and in it's box for a good price.
The #969 Musical Ferris Wheel was made from 1966-1972.  The one we got has straight sided figures, and the girl does not have plastic hair.  The doggie is an early figure and not the usual Lucky dog.  The newer versions have plastic figures but mine has wood figures. It is one of the oldest toys in my collection, I also have a Circus and a Huffy Puffy Train that maybe are older.
It has a price tag on it from Sears back when it was new it sold for $4.49!

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